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Carolina Steam Specialty Company and Carolina Controls Company have invested many years in becoming the experts in steam specialty products. Our focus is to save our customers money by reducing their energy costs. The way we do this is to train our customers in how steam works and to advise our customers on how to most efficiently operate their boiler systems.
We take great pride in our Mobile Steam Training Lab which is equipped with boiler, glass piping, steam devices and other instruments and controls. Instructors use this working steam system to demonstrate the nature of steam and how steam devices can be used to control steam and condensate. The best part is we bring the classroom to you. We know steam.

Adamson Global Technology Corporation
Pressure vessels
TEMA Heat Exchangers
Northvalve Korting Control Valves
Inline Heaters

Ametek U.S. Gauge
Process and commercial pressure gauges
Liquid filled gauges
Diaphragm seals
Deadweight testers
Temperature calibrators

Armstrong International
Steam traps
Pressure and temperature regulators and controls
Condensate pump systems
Heat transfer products
Steam and water mixing valves and hose stations

Conbraco Industries
Safety relief valves ½" to 6"
ASME code section VIII, I
Boiler specialty equipment

Flow: steam/water/chemicals
Magnetic flowmeters
Insertion and inline turbine meters
Insertion and inline vortex meters
Oval gear; p/d meters
Coriolis mass flowmeters

Northvale Korting Ltd
Control Valves

Bi-metal and vapor actuated thermometers
9" scale thermometers
Sanitary thermometers
Liquid filled thermometers
Circular chart recorders
Digital thermometers and transmitters
RTD's and thermocouples
Hand held digital thermometers
Infared thermometers

Thermaflo Engineering Company
Boiler blow down heat recovery systems
Boiler feedwater and deaerator systems
Custom heat exchangers
Heat transfer packages
Self acting and globe control

Thrush Manufacturing Company
Base mounted centrifugal pumps
Inline centrifugal pumps
Shell and tube heat exchangers
Triple duty valves
Pump suction guides
Expansion tanks
Air separators

Carolina Controls Company
PO Box 7748
Charlotte, NC 28241

12245-505 Nations Ford Rd.
Pineville, NC 28134
(800) 849-3040

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